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Free From Pain


21A Marsland Road
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Slow healing is difficult for active people. They stress about how much time and resources they wasted instead of fully recovering. The Rezal Asal Clinic is a place for such individuals where they can recover fast and fully, not just in the injured area. My techniques combine Western Massophysiotherapy with Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat the whole body and get rid of the root cause. We offer a variety of treatments to help you live a pain-free, active life. Don't wait! Book your appointment today!


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francois kinowski

acupuncture therapy

Reza is my go-to practitioner whenever I need pain relief which I know will be done with the greatest of care, attention and professionalism. Reza listens to his patients attentively and provides a personal, long lasting treatment. After only a few sessions I was finally free from a recurring back pain which had afflicted me for years. I trust his judgement implicitly and would recommend him to anyone.

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